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Who Am I?

Written by Linda James.


I sit beside you, I do not hide my face

But you do not see me.

I have been sitting here for years.

I have laughed at your jokes

And shared your tears

But you still do not see me.


The years have come and gone.

Many changes, many new faces,

But you still do not see me.

Paint changes from blue to pink to green

Desks move, equipment updates,

But you still do not see me.


I sang Happy Birthday at a hundred morning teas.

Remember the fortieth anniversary party?

I wore a red dress with a big bow,

But you did not see me.

I have a title and a number

And collect a regular pay cheque.

But you do not see me.


I am not angry and blame you

For not seeing me,

For all of these years I’ve worn a mask.

I did not let you see the real me.



Copyright Linda James/Seachange Within

From: Seachange @ Work: Discover what a difference an energised day makes!


Mysterious Image on the Pillow

Written by Linda James with Karen Van Ryneveld.

The Face in the Pillow

Experienced and written by Linda James www.lindajames.com and Karen Van Ryneveld www.tigersiconsulting.com

On 28th November 2012 Karen Van Ryneveld, fellow counsellor and coach, called to see me for an Energy Balance.

Before the Energy Balance we discussed, amongst other things, that Karen had been researching the Mayan Calendar and the possible significance of the 2012 dates.

Karen had an Energy Balance (lasting about 40 minutes) laid on the therapy table with one pillow under her head and one under her feet. Immediately after Karen left the healing room I changed the pillow cases as normal. I picked up the pillow that had been under Karen’s feet and as I turned it over I immediately saw the image of a face on the blue satin pillow slip. Shocked at what I saw I called Karen back into the room. We took photos on our mobile phones. Karen did some searching and found an image of a Mayan/Aztec warrior which may resemble the image on the pillow slip but what this represents remains a mystery.

The blue satin pillow had been in my possession for a couple of years and was washed each time it was used. The pillow had been put on the therapy table by me immediately before Karen arrived and there was not a mark on it. There was no way anyone else could have touch the pillow case as it had not left my possession.

Six months later the image on the pillow is exactly the same and has not faded. Recently Karen sent me a copy of the image as shown above. A friend of Karen’s had changed the contrast and solarized the photo and also did a bump grating for further enhancement.

Karen wondered if this could resemble the features of an Aztec or Mayan warrior or perhaps something else.

It is hard to think that it was a random occurrence. If any of you have had similar experiences we'd love to hear about them and would like to invite you to share them with us on the Seachange Within Facebook Page.


Sometimes the answers are in the past

Written by Linda James.

Past Life Regressions

Clare came to see me because she was considering dropping out of a Naturopathy course that she had enrolled in six months before. Clare love growing and working with herbs and had finally made the decision to follow her passion. She had reduced her working hours to three days a week and was easily fitting in work and study. However, of recent times she had started to feel uneasy when at college and had a growing sense of loss and abandonment.

We discussed the possible causes of these feelings. Clare had a loving and stable family life as a child and was currently in a very happy relationship. Perhaps we needed to look further back, as Clare felt that the feelings may not have originated in this life time. During a past life regression Clare saw herself as a woman in her fifties, wearing a long white dress and sandals. She lived in a small village, which she felt was in France, in about 1700. People in the village and surrounding areas came to her for help and healing. She would listen to their problems and provide wise counselling. She made up potions, to heal the sick, from plants and herbs she grew in the small garden at the rear of her cottage. She lived a happy and peaceful life, earning a living from her healing work, for over 30 years.

Then the scene changed and Clare saw the same people she had helped, shouting at her to 'Go, get out'. They were pushing her along the road; dozens of people pushing and shouting at her. She tried to calm them, and reason with them, but they started to throw things at her. 'Go away, go away' they continued to shout at her. As she walked along the road, leaving behind her home and the people she had known all her life, she felt alone and abandoned. Why did they believe the religious representatives that came from the next town, instead of her? She was just trying to help people, she wasn't a witch.

When Clare brought more focus to growing and working with herbs in this lifetime, she had started to connect to unresolved emotions from that past life. Clare said that it all made sense to her. With awareness Clare was able to recognise the feelings as they arose and allow the healing to take place. Clare was happy again as she attended her Naturopathy course and on her way to achieving her dreams.

©Linda James/Seachange Within


The Power of Purpose

Written by Linda James.

The alarm shrills at 6.30 am. “Please be the weekend, please be the weekend” is the half awake plea. Consciousness kicks in along with the dreaded realisation - it’s a workday. It’s Wednesday morning. Not even past the mid weekhump. A groan from under the sheets as the depressing realisation hits – “I have my job. I hate everything about it. Time to check the vacancy column for a new job? But wait it will be the same old same old, because that what I’m skilled at. That’s what I do. That’s who I am.” It may be what you are skilled at and how you currently earn your living at, but it is not who you are. So many of us just fall into a type of work to earn a living, or maybe we were influenced by our teachers, parents or pier group. It’s secure, it safe, a regular pay cheque. Secure, safe and a regular pay cheque is good, but does it make your heart sing? Do you jump out of bed each morning really excited about the day? No! Maybe your’ not passionate about what you do - you are not living your life with purpose. “But I don’t know what I want to do with my life.”

But you do know. You do know what you are passionate about, what you really want to do with your life. If you did not have a purpose for your life, you would not be here on the planet at this time. Your purpose is not something that just appears today, it has been with you all your life. You have been acquiring the experience and skills you need to manifest your purpose. “But, how is being passionate about my work and living with purpose connected?” When you are living with purpose you are passionate about what you are doing. ‘How do I find out what my purpose and passion is?’ Start by going back to your earliest memories and map, from then until now, when you were most passionate about something, when you used to get lost in the moment, when you felt the happiest. Write them down. What was happening in your life? Then think about what makes you happiest today. Where do you spend most of your precious ‘my time’? What books do you read, programs or movies do you watch, what magazines do you regularly buy? What are the websites marked favourites on your computer? What are you doing when you totally lose yourself in a process? These are all clues. “But why do people not acknowledge this is their passion, their purpose?” There are many reasons, such as childhood programming, limiting beliefs acquired along the way, or the feeling that we are not good enough, or deserving enough. Mostly, it is because we do not believe we are worthy, or that we’ve been told that we can’t make a living out of doing what we really love; so we repress what we really want to do.

Do you realise that there will never be another person like you in the history of the universe? You are totally unique. You are more than worthy; it is your birthright to express your life with passion and purpose. As for making a living, who said that you have to immediately give up your day job. All passionate, purposeful and successful people started somewhere, and it was usually in a small way and with very little money. If you are really passionate about what you do you will love sharing and talking about your passion; and other people will want to hear about it. Many of the great people started out working in their garage or in a corner of the bedroom. Start small but dream big. “I’m getting inspired.”

©Linda James/Seachange Within


The Importance of the body’s Subtle Energy System

Written by Linda James.

ChakraYou may already be familiar with the eastern interpretation of the body’s Subtle Energy System, as the concepts are being more widely adopted by western societies.  Only fifteen or twenty or so years ago the words chakra and meridians, never mind nadis, were not part of our everyday western language.  Today, however, as a result of media coverage, a wider variety of wellbeing publications, and the choice of many more highly qualified and professional natural therapists and energetic healers, there is greater awareness and acceptance.

This is evidenced by the fast growing interest in America, Australia, the UK, and many other parts of the western world, in natural therapies and alternate ways of being.  People are starting to understand that there is more to us than just our physical body, and that the subtle energy system plays an important part in everyday energy levels and wellbeing.

What is interesting is the way the ancient traditions are now being more acknowledged by modern science, whereas in the past they were discounted because they could not be proven or verified.  Acknowledging now that energy, and our Body’s Subtle Energy System and Energy Healing, are a natural part of life.  So why did we lose that connection to our natural energy system?  What happened was, in the 17th century the sciences of physics, chemistry, astronomy and medicine began to emerge.  As this devotion to a mechanistic world began to grow, the individual sense of consciousness, belonging and connection to the universe began to diminish.

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