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Energetic Healing/Energy Healing

What is Energetic Healing?

Energetic Healing/Energy Healing is a therapeutic process that works on many different levels of being: mind, body and soul.  During an Energetic Healing session I use gentle effective techniques with my hands to assess and rebalance your energy levels.  Energetic Healing raises the vibrations of the human energy field and transfers energy to parts of your being that needs it most.

You do not have to be feeling unwell to experience Energetic Healing.  Energetic Healing acts as a tune up for the body, ensuring balance and harmony and a sense of wellbeing.  Energetic Healing helps you to re-connect on a deep level to the core essence of your being; to recover a sense of sacred in your life.

Rebalancing into harmony

Medical practitioners and psychologists have long recognised the mind body connection.  Each cell in your body has a consciousness.  Frequently the cause of energetic disturbances that create many physical ailments is negative thoughts and emotions stored in the body.  Illness manifests in the energy body before it manifests in the physical body, and healing occurs in the energy body before it becomes apparent in the physical body.

Energetic Healing restores balance and harmony as the body naturally seeks a balanced energy level.

Energy-Healing2What you are likely to experience?

Energetic activity in a healing sense begins as soon as you enter the therapy room. Energetic Healing is non invasive, gentle, soothing, calming and relaxing. Energetic Healing sessions help to still the mind, allowing deeper relaxation and a sense of peace and tranquillity.  You remain fully dressed while lying on a therapy table as Energetic Healing involves working mainly on the area above your physical body.  You may feel slight warmth and some movement of energy sensation.  It is common to feel so relaxed that you fall asleep. Stress, anxiety, anger, tension and frustrations seem to melt away resulting in the experience of inner peace and harmony.  On occasions an emotional release may accompany the healing session.

Why you should try Energetic Healing

Reclaim your natural calm alert centred state.  By doing so, you will be more able to function in your daily life.  Energetic Healing may help release energy blocks enabling the free flow of energy in your physical body and surrounding subtle energy fields, restoring harmony and wellbeing.

Your Energetic Healing Session

Your Energetic Healing session is tailored to your individual needs and may include, as well as energetic healing: colour therapy, crystal therapy, meditation, Reiki, Bowen Technique, Polarity and energy Kinesiology.

It is recommended that you drink several glasses of water during the day before an Energetic Healing session, and continue to drink several glasses of water each day for a few days afterwards.

1 hour session $107.00

The key lies in understanding the very nature of life itself – energy.  It has been said that a healthy person is one who is balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Most of all, if a man or woman is healthy they are following their own destiny, fulfilling their own potential and manifesting personal happiness and vitality in every area of their life. Alan Siegel

Please email us or call 0420 990 911 to make an appointment.

Located : The Transformation Space, Suite 101/54-56 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, NSW


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