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Executive-CoachingWork Life Coaching is not only about becoming clear about your goals and objectives, and then working together to create plans and strategies to achieve them.  It’s about bringing out the best in you and those around you. It’s also about knowing who you really are, connecting with your life’s purpose and taking control to create the life that you truly want.  It’s about becoming empowered; no longer going through life reacting to circumstances and people, but sitting in the driving seat, taking the steering wheel, and setting the direction, not sitting in the back seat of life. 

Sometimes you have to redefine purpose in your life, challenge the status quo and make changes that will drive new energy into all aspects of your life.  When you feel hopeful, optimistic and emotionally healthy the future looks entirely different to when you feel ‘stuck’.

Many people become exhausted and burnt out or feel empty or incomplete because they are not being honest with themselves or not being honest with other people, about what they want.  When you are authentic, your soul thrives.

Coaching can be an opportunity to step back, to take a new look at things and see different and more interesting and exciting way of ‘being’ or of doing things.  Work Life Coaching can support you to make the transition from chaos to organised, from lacking in motivation to motivated, unfocused to focused, from lacking direction to clarity and success.  Go from ‘treading water’ to consistently moving forward as you learn to deepen self-awareness.

In coaching it’s not about the ‘coach’ having all the answers; it’s about you finding the answers and solutions from within.  It’s about tapping into that pool of dormant inspiration and creativity.  When you are deeply in touch with your inner self, when you know what you truly want in life, things start to happen effortlessly.

Work Life Coaching sessions are 1 hour, and it is recommended that initially sessions are attended weekly or fortnightly. 

1 hour sessions $107

Please email us or call 0420 990 911 to make an appointment.

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