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Life Purpose Coaching

It is a common cry from all ages: ‘what am I supposed to be doing with my life?’, meaning that we have an inherent sense of purpose; of something to be fulfilled. We want to uncover our reason for existence. But, often we don’t know what it is. You may have been drifting, with a sense of restlessness, looking for a direction. And, because you do not know what you want, you tend to lack results and achievement.

Part of your soul’s learning on earth is to re-connect to your life purpose and your dreams. The journey to discovery is not set and rigid, but evolving. There is not one right way or a wrong way, there just is. Living your life on purpose is like painting a masterpiece, the picture starts to come to life with each stroke of the brush. Once you decide to begin your life purpose journey you start to get a sense, a feeling and clarity about your life and your true identity. The search and journey to clarify your life purpose can be all consuming or it can flow like a well defined river to the ocean of your inspiration. But when you do live a life on purpose it becomes magical and each moment is a moment of inspiration and joy. You have the fuel to go further and faster; you can go the distance. You tap into the unstoppable force within you that creates real momentum and drive.

Sometimes something is stopping you getting started. The most common reasons for not moving forward and achieving heart felt desires are inner conflicts or fear of success, or not feeling worthy or perhaps early or current life programming. By uncovering those restrictive blocks you can then successfully move forward.

Living life on purpose is not a half measure: you are either living life on purpose or you are not. Importantly your life purpose is not something you learn, it is something that you remember. And it’s not what we actual do that matters, but what shapes what we do that fulfills our life purpose.

We won’t find our life purpose by searching in the physical world. By creating the perfect roles for our lives, by having the material goods we desire the most, or in the perfect relationships. Life purpose is about creating possibilities. It’s about finding the freedom to be who we truly are and what we truly want to do with our lives. You are creating your own reality every day; you are creating your life.

Life Purpose Coaching generally requires 3 – 4 x 1 hour sessions. A set of 3 coaching sessions is $249 (payable individually) and subsequent 1 hour sessions are $83.00.  Individual 1 hour sessions are $97.

For more information email us or telephone 0420 990 911

Located at The Transformation Space, Suite 101/54-56 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, NSW

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