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Mysterious Image on the Pillow

Written by Linda James with Karen Van Ryneveld. Posted in Blog

The Face in the Pillow

Experienced and written by Linda James www.lindajames.com and Karen Van Ryneveld www.tigersiconsulting.com

On 28th November 2012 Karen Van Ryneveld, fellow counsellor and coach, called to see me for an Energy Balance.

Before the Energy Balance we discussed, amongst other things, that Karen had been researching the Mayan Calendar and the possible significance of the 2012 dates.

Karen had an Energy Balance (lasting about 40 minutes) laid on the therapy table with one pillow under her head and one under her feet. Immediately after Karen left the healing room I changed the pillow cases as normal. I picked up the pillow that had been under Karen’s feet and as I turned it over I immediately saw the image of a face on the blue satin pillow slip. Shocked at what I saw I called Karen back into the room. We took photos on our mobile phones. Karen did some searching and found an image of a Mayan/Aztec warrior which may resemble the image on the pillow slip but what this represents remains a mystery.

The blue satin pillow had been in my possession for a couple of years and was washed each time it was used. The pillow had been put on the therapy table by me immediately before Karen arrived and there was not a mark on it. There was no way anyone else could have touch the pillow case as it had not left my possession.

Six months later the image on the pillow is exactly the same and has not faded. Recently Karen sent me a copy of the image as shown above. A friend of Karen’s had changed the contrast and solarized the photo and also did a bump grating for further enhancement.

Karen wondered if this could resemble the features of an Aztec or Mayan warrior or perhaps something else.

It is hard to think that it was a random occurrence. If any of you have had similar experiences we'd love to hear about them and would like to invite you to share them with us on the Seachange Within Facebook Page.

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