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The Reality of your Day

Written by Linda James. Posted in Blog

There’s a perception that the boss or the company creates the working day, and there’s little we can do about it.

Many people I meet have an appreciation of a concept that we create our own reality, but do not apply it to their working day. The way you view the world creates your reality, and within that reality, you are who you choose to be and decide what to include in your day. Your reality is only true at this moment, and it is liberating and exciting to realise that tomorrow has not yet been created and is still open to unlimited possibilities. You start every day with a clean palette and paints to create your own picture — this is the reality of knowing you have ownership of your day.

Much of our physical condition may appear to be fixed or permanent, but it isn’t. Situations and our environment can and do change in an instant; some changes are welcomed, such as an unexpected promotion or a pay rise, resulting in more money and greater opportunities, but other changes, such as natural disasters that wipe out the town in moments, are not. The Law of Attraction

Our working day is a constant stream of energy ebbing and flowing all around us and within us. Energy has a magnetic pull. Our thoughts are energy pulling what we think about towards us. Thoughts manifest into reality; thoughts become material. It’s known as the Universal Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction does not differentiate between what is good and wise for you or what is not so good; it brings you what you focus on. If you are focusing on wanting a particular thing or on not wanting it, the emphasis is on what you are spending your time thinking about, so that’s what you are attracting into your day and your life. Unfortunately, many people think about what they don’t want, and as the Law of Attraction brings what we focus on, we are liable to get a fair share of those things we don’t want if we are not careful. As the Law of Attraction is always working, this includes what we think about and focus on in our working day. It’s by taking responsibility for your 1440 minutes each day that you become empowered and energised. Knowing how you would like your day to be is the way to get the best value out of it.

The importance of clear intention

What you think and intend is creating a forceful effect in the universal energy field. Intention is far more powerful than wishful thinking.

Setting your intention on a particular idea or aspect brings focus to it, and with it, a determination to achieve the desired result. Once you have clarity of direction and your desired outcome, and set your intention, half the work is already finished. Your intention is now starting to focus on your ideal working day.

In the course of the day, your brain will receive possibly millions of impressions. If you were consciously aware of all these impressions, you would be on information overload. Fortunately, your brain filters out the impression or information that is not considered to be important to you at the time. However, when you change your focus, your brain’s ‘filtering system’ changes. What you are now focusing on, which is a part of your intention, starts to appear in your life. You can then start taking advantage of opportunities that may already be there.

Have you ever ‘discovered’ something you thought was ‘new’ and just what you wanted at the time, and then found that it’s been around for years? Why hadn’t you noticed it previously? It’s because it was not a priority; it was not important to you then, so your brain had filtered out the information. It was only when the item became important or valuable to you that you became consciously aware of it.

Action puts into motion the energy behind the intention. When action aligns with your intention, the energy around you changes and brings you all kinds of people and events to support you.

 Focus on creating your own reality and your ideal working day.
    •    Be clear about your intention.
    •    Be consistent with your intention.
    •    Write your intention down.
    •    Show your commitment to your intention.
    •    Believe that you are creating your intention.
Take action — take the next step.

Extract from: New release book Seachange @ Work: Discover what a difference an energised day makes! by author Linda James.

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